How do I volunteer for events?

If you did not attend the Recruitment Dinner but still wish to volunteer for SBLA events feel free to contact Xander Anaya. His email address is

Where can I find the location, date, and times for events?

All information for events can be found under the Upcoming Events tab, flyers around campus, or emails from Dr. Will/Officers.  Also, check your emails regularly for updates on events from Dr. Will or an Officer.

Who can I contact if I have an idea for an event?

You can contact our President, Xander Anaya, at

How can I become a Vice President of SBLA?

In order to become a Vice President for SBLA, you need to be involved with events. However, just volunteering will not automatically gain you a spot.  You also need to be a dedicated student and work diligently.

If I volunteer for an event do I have to attend the event?

No, however, it is highly recommended that you attend.  Attending events is a great way to gain more knowledge on a topic and a great chance to network.  However, it is understandable if you have a conflict.  If unable to attend make sure you let the Vice President in charge of the event know.

What type of attire is acceptable for events?

If you have volunteered for the event it is asked that you wear business professional.  If you are attending the event it is asked that you wear business professional or casual.  The dress code will be noted on emails prior to events.

Additional Questions?

If you have any other questions please contact Xander Anaya at