Fall Speaker

Thursday, September 26th @ 6:30 pm - UIndy Hall

This years fall speaker is Ron Baker, a world renowned accountant and best selling author. Come hear about his success and advice he has for students. What makes this years speaker unique is, He will be speaking to not only students & staff but also to CPAs that are looking to further their education. This would be a great event for any business major, but especially for accounting majors. 

Business Cards & Public Speaking

Wednesday, October 23rd @ 6:30 pm

Come hear Audrey Taylor speak. This event is a great way to learn about proper business attire and etiquette. How you present yourself can say a lot about you as a person. In the business world, this is something that is important. While also learning about how to brand yourself as a future business professional. Come listen to Audrey Taylor discuss how she became successful and how her various awards contributed to her success.

Financial Literacy: Dollars & Sense

Saturday, October 26th @ 10 am

For the second year, SBLA is partnering with the organization 100 Black Men of Indianapolis to bring their high school participants on campus to learn about financial literacy. They learn this through playing a series of finance related games. They will play games such as accounting monopoly, pit game, and brain game. The organization, 100 Black Men of Indianapolis, is an organization that encourages students from central Indiana to grow their financial knowledge through a 16-weekend program they call Dollars and Sense. SBLA will be hosting the first Dollars and Sense meeting of the year in Schwitzer basement.

Service Projects


Throughout the year, SBLA participates in service projects.  These projects range from small community projects to traveling and building a home for a veteran.

SBLA Annual Report

End of Second Semester

SBLA functions just like a business. With this in mind, an Annual Report is created at the end of each year.  The Annual Report consists of a page for each event SBLA puts on. On the page there are pictures and a description about this event. This shows the overview of what SBLA has done each year. This can help decide what events SBLA will continue and which ones will be altered.

Your Idea


If you have an event idea feel free to contact our VP of Business Development, Hannah Sanders. You can reach her at sandershk@uindy.edu. SBLA is always looking for new events.  We would be more than happy to help you put on the event you have in mind.